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Our Portfolio

Proud to be an important part of the products that impact lives, every day.

Our Portfolio

Proud to be an important part of the products that impact lives, every day.

A leading provider of fabricated and machined parts in the U.S.

Mid-States Metal Works has become a leading provider of fabricated and machined parts in the U.S. by working as valued partners with our customers. Together we have honed engineering, utilized technology, and refined our processes to produce exceptional metal parts and components in many industries that impact consumers. We take pride in serving an important role in the production of thousands of products that affect our lives, every day…

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Fire truck

First Response

The Fire Fighting Industry counts on us for parts used in fire truck and rescue vehicles… parts that must not fail when lives are at stake. Our precision machined products are rigorously tested and approved for the fire fighting and EMS industry, where saving lives is dependent upon flawless performance.

Mission critical

Mission-Critical Industries

There are many industries where perfection is the standard. We have years of proven expertise in the fabrication of circuit-board housings in “mission critical” industries including power plants, agriculture, and military applications. We take pride in delivering components where failure is simply not an option.

Medical machine

Medical Diagnostics

Medical technicians rely on our components for specialized equipment that provide life-saving medical services. We provide parts for diagnostic and medical equipment for respiratory therapy, cardiology treatment, and sports medicine fields.

Fire truck

Product Packaging

Consumer products require efficient and effective packaging. Our parts are used for heavy-duty shrink packaging equipment and automated case sealing systems for a diverse range applications so products can make it to your home safely and efficiently.

Mission critical

Robotics Industry

The world of manufacturing depends upon reliable machines and robotic technology. We produce High-performance machined parts for the motion robotics industry…the machines that make everyday products.

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Medical Packaging

Safety, accuracy and consistency are absolute necessities in the medical field. We produce key components for medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, where precision is required.

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Automatic Car Wash Industry

The inner workings of an automatic car wash use mechanisms and equiment that is always in motion, vibration and of course a water-saturated environment. We produce reliable components for the automatic car washing industry.



As government agencies, the military and armed services has been known for utlizing the best yet most affordable solutions possible. We’re not just a “low-bidder”, we provide the most cost-effective and reliable components for aeronautic applications.

Fire truck


Mid-State Metal Works has been a trusted provider of key components in the agricultural industry. There’s an old saying “make hay while the sun shines” for a reason. Farmers and horticulturists count on their equipment for fast and efficient maintenance of crops.

Man holding mobile phone

Semiconductor Testing

Semiconductors are components of circuit boards that are used in mobile phones, satellites, wireless communication devices, and many other products. Mid-State produces semiconductor containers for testing and use by a global leader in semiconductor testing technology. Without these parts, much of the technology we use every minute would not be possible.

“Whenever our customer comes to us with a challenging part our engineers feel confident that Mid-State will be able to help us design this part. And I as a purchaser manager am pretty confident that they can get it to us on time and at a fair price.”

David Benson

Purchasing and Materials Manager

We’re proud to call these companies our trusted partners.

We work together to achieve great things…

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